Meet Chef Sarah

I love to cook. Nourishing people with my food is what it’s all about. One day my son Ben told me that I was a “good cooker” after 8 years of him being a picky eater. Now about to turn 21 he eats everything and is a true foodie in his own right. I love to challenge myself with cooking. Tasting an amazing dish, I try to replicate it on my own. I’m a Food Network junkie and an avid cookbook reader. Shopping for the perfect ingredients is half the fun, I’ve been known to hit 3 to 4 stores and the organic farm for all the goodies to make whatever has sparked my cooking whim for that day. I’m starting this blog to share and exchange cooking and food fun with my family and friends. I encourage you all to engage with me, send ideas, ask questions and show me what you’ve got. Let’s get cooking.

Update 5/2011

Since I started this blog I enrolled at Laguna Culinary Arts and completed their professional chef program in February  2011. Since then I’ve been cooking, reading, researching, applying for internships, working with my school on catering gigs and personal chef’n for a few folks. There are so many options out there and I’m thrilled to be where I am in life. Hope you enjoy the blogs new look.

Update 1/2013

After joining Whole Health Everyday for 9 months, cooking lovely food for wonderful folks I left in August last year. Rebecca took the reins solo and is still doing her thing and doing it well. I wish her much success. I joined the team as sous chef at Casa Laguna Inn February 2012, its a wonderful place to work, great food and amazing guests.


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